Just Waiting

We come into this world Just Waiting and we go out Just Waiting. The time in between is the opportunity for each of us to share the essence of who we are, no matter what path we choose. Everyone has a purpose, and part of our life journey is to discover it.

Most of us are Just Waiting. Waiting for the children to grow up or waiting to leave a dissatisfying job. Others are waiting to get out of an abusive relationship or the right time to take a much needed vacation. We are here to live now. It is not about tomorrow or yesterday but staying present enough to enjoy each moment with a clear conscience, not a false smile. We do not need to pretend to be something we are not, or do something that makes us miserable, or sacrifice ourselves to please another. We are here to know oneself and through this knowing we can help another.

Oftentimes, we get caught up in the struggle of daily living and have forgotten our purpose. It is too easy to become distracted in today’s world of social media, advanced technologies, and the desire for immediate satisfaction. How about a time out from your daily routine. You may say, you don’t have the time, but we can always make room for something important. We just need to rearrange our priorities.

Many of our elders or ailing parents are Just Waiting to be called home. If you have a loved one in this Just Waiting place, don’t wait another moment to set your relationships right. DO IT NOW. Make an effort to resolve your differences with family and loved ones. You may be the very person that is holding an ailing relative here on this earth plane. Remember, we are all interconnected. If you are holding a grudge towards a loved one, let it go and set yourself, as well as your loved one, free.

We are born into our families for a reason. Do your part in cleaning up your relationships. You cannot change another, but you can set things right within yourself. As you clear your heart, you make space for more love and light within yourself and thus, become the way shower for others to follow. But remember, they always have a choice. You want to make sure you have a clear passageway when your time comes to be called home. Release your anger, resentment, and grudges now. They are very toxic and only cause pain to yourself and loved ones. Pray for your family and loved ones, who do not want to listen or are unwilling to clear their own hearts. Just remember, what goes around comes around. They can do it here and now, or they can come back another time to do their work. We all have free will.

When we take responsibility for ourselves we have no regrets. Whether you are the one being called home or the call is to your loved one, do what you need to do, to set things right. Do it now. Just Waiting can lead to pain for both of you, and may be the cause of regret later on. Sooner or later each of us will be called home. One never knows when this time will come for us or a loved one, we just know it will. Once we have climbed our own mountain, raised a family, mastered an art or accomplished our calling or not, we come to a time when we are Just Waiting. Start now, and clear your path. Do it for yourself and everyone around you will benefit. May each of us set things right in our own heart and mind, and realize the responsibility we carry to ourselves, loved ones, community, and planet.

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