Growing up in Southern California as a sensitive being within a chaotic family dynamic, I felt a deep connection to my imagination and the natural world around me. In my youth, I found myself longing for acceptance and I traded my natural connections for the transitory high that drugs and alcohol could provide. As my life spiraled out of control, I began to question the meaning of it all. It was then, the tether to the natural world drew me back to her, and at twenty-eight I took out my savings and strapped on my backpack to travel the world. My global travels enlivened my being and reinvigorated my search for truth. I returned home to work for the family business for a period of years, but I was transformed—called into the healing arts.

In 1994 I was certified in massage therapy at California College of Physical Arts in Huntington Beach, CA. I continued to travel, visiting sites of great spiritual power, like Machu Picchu in Peru, and further awaking to my inner gifts.

Soaking in the abundant beauty of mother nature, I left the family business and relocated to bosom of the Rocky Mountains in Boulder, CO.It was there, in 1996 that I felt drawn to study Reiki, a practice that has had a profound effect on my life and continues to assist me in clearing obstacles.

My hunger for training in the healing arts was insatiable, and I broadened my understanding through seminars with Deepak Chopra entitled “The Seduction of Spirit” and “Mind, Body, & Spirit”.

Opening my heart and awakening to the greater joy in my life, I became certified in International Breathwork, integrating this technique into my practice. I also studied aromatherapy with Young Living Essential Oils, tapping into the healing power of nature—my enduring friend.

In my search for a spiritual family, I found my way to the late Hanna Kroeger, with whom I studied the art of herbs and energy medicine. I later went on to learn Body Alignment Technique with David Pasikov, another energy healing system that releases emotional and energetic blockages. Over the years, I have also used EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) for myself and clients, incorporating it as needed during sessions.

Called back to my childhood home, I returned to Coastal California in the early 2000’s where I developed a healing practice in San Luis Obispo. Shortly thereafter, I met my late husband while on a trip to Hawaii. He was a very gifted psychic healer, which came through his family lineage of the Island of Hawaii–the Keawe Ehu Campbell’s. We had a healing center in Sebastopol, CA for several years helping people through private sessions and group work. Additionally, we worked for many years to dismantle old family patterns and self-destructive behavior that kept me locked into a web of pain. We enjoyed 15 beautiful years together, before he suffered a stroke from which he did not recover. As he made his transition, he told me that he was passing on his final healing gifts to me. I feel fortunate to have spent these years with him, and I look forward to carrying these gifts forward to share with people who want to receive them.

During my time in the Rogue Valley, I felt called to a life coaching program with Nando Reynold and Maria Connolly, through the Institute for Professional Leadership. Having spent much of my life coaching people, this was a natural next step.  I have integrated this training within my healing work to offer my clients deep support for life transitions.

After a two year transformative experience in the beautiful Rogue Valley of Oregon, I returned to the Island of Hawaii in October of 2018. I am blessed to have experienced the depth of beauty in the people and the land and know that they will always be held in my heart. After having lived on the Island of Hawaii for nine years, I was missing the land and the people and am grateful to be back home.

My gifts lie in my ability to create a foundation of support by loving you through your life transitions. As a fireball of energy and compassionate hands of healing, I am able to create energy movement and help you see results. Through my 25+ years of study, experience, and practice, I like to share my gifts as a clairaudient (to hear) and clairsentient (to feel). Today I offer my heart-centered healing gifts and life coaching to help you create movement on your life path.

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