Inspiration for the Soul

Find a quiet place for a few moments. Take some deep breaths, and release any unwanted thoughts or stress of the day. Sit in the stillness of the moment and reflect upon your life. Are you living the life you want? Do you feel happy? Are you at peace? If so, great, what an incredible accomplishment you have given yourself, for this is our birthright. If not, what can you do to create peace and happiness?

Find the doorway into your heart and feel what is going on inside of you. Breathe deep into the depth of your being. Fill yourself with life essence. What keeps you from your happiness? What feels unsettled in your being? Is it  a misperception? It may be helpful to find a way to see a situation or unresolved issue, in a different way. Do you need to forgive someone? Or possibly tell your partner, parent, or child, just how much he/she means to you? Maybe you feel moved to take some time to play with your children or touch someone who may be feeling lonely. The time is now to practice forgiveness. Forgiveness to yourself as well as others. Do not wait a minute to forgive someone or to express your love. Open your heart to love and feel how quickly your world will change.

Take some time out to discover what it is that truly makes you happy. Allow yourself the gift of exploration. Find some time over the next month to play with different ideas, and feel into them. Keeping a journal can be a nice way to explore your ideas? Role play and live out these different aspects of yourself. Discover which ones align with your soul. Become the artist, musician, writer, business owner, or whatever else inspires you.

While you are in this process of discovery, get outdoors and breathe. Nature is the greatest healer and awakener. Feel the beauty around you and the gift God has given you. Go for a swim, hike, or run your bare feet through the grass. Release all the unwanted influences around you and feel the gift that you are.

You already have it all. Know that all your answers lie within. Take the time to sit in silence and listen to the voice within. Create an energetic flow around you that emanates this new perspective of yourself. Feel the love that you are, breathe in your vision and expand it with your love. We are here to give and receive love and all else will come from this state of being.  Let each of us take the time to discover what makes us happy and live our lives form this place. As each of us share our essence of peace and love we will create a rippling around the globe for a better tomorrow. God bless you on your journey.

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