Chakra Balancing

Chakra balancing enables people the opportunity to clear out any harmful thoughts, energies, or feelings that may be causing imbalances. In today’s world of constant change and flux, people are bombarded with the need to make decisions quickly. It is difficult to deal with all the stress factors associated with these changing times if the energy centers are unhealthy or in need of a chakra balancing.

Sometimes people feel lost or confused about the best way to proceed in a particular situation. When this occurs, chakra balancing is helpful. Stress is a major cause of imbalances to the chakras. Unresolved feelings and/or resentments from the past will create a need for chakra balancing as they distort the chakra or cause it to become dull and weak.

Physical trauma can necessitate a chakra balancing. When a person is hit or wounded, it causes a disturbance in the energy field. Emotional wounds are another indicator of a distorted chakra. These wounds can run deep and need to be cleared out before one can experience peace. Every time a person stuffs a feeling and does not know how to express it, it can get trapped in the body. It is important to bring these trapped emotions up to the surface to be healed. Chakra balancing can do this and help to restore harmony in the body.

Another type of trauma that is held in the body is psychological trauma. It is common in children that have been abused and people who were around repeated stressors and were not able to cope. Chakra balancing can stabilize a person’s energy field and help to release the trigger that causes a person to react in an unhealthy manner. By directing healing energy into the traumatized chakra and allowing it release the distortion, it will allow the chakra balancing to be effective.  If the trauma is deeply buried, it will take several sessions with a practitioner and constant awareness and focus, to lift the trauma out of the body. Prayer work, perseverance and the deep desire for inner peace, will allow this to happen.

It is important to keep our energy centers bright and glowing for the maintenance of a healthy body. If anyone of these areas has been traumatized, a chakra balancing is of utmost importance.

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