It is time to make the SHIFT!

Are you ready to anchor the LIGHT and be a way shower for others to do the same?

Would you like to be a part of this


Do you want to feel unconditional love?

The fifth dimensional awareness of ONENESS is here.

We are awakening as a planet.
The earth is shedding the old dualistic way of living and expanding in the light of ascension.

Each of us who focus on LOVE and LIGHT are assisting in this global awakening of ONENESS.

This is a beautiful opportunity to step forward into the light. It is time to RE-MEMBER WHO YOU ARE.

Fifth dimensional presence of ONENESS is here.

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for our weekly support hour of unconditional love and non-judgment. We will begin with a short check in about our current state of being and then, I will lead the group with a short blessing or guided meditation. Afterwards, we have time to share and receive support from one another. (This support group is available on Zoom. Please download Zoom and set up your account, if you don’t already have one.) We will meet on Sat. 8:00 am Hawaii Time, 10:00 am PST
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