Spiritual Healing

Do you yearn to feel the magic? Would you like to have fulfilling relationships? Are you ready to accept a prosperous life? It is all here for you as you awaken your soul. All you need to do is to be willing to open your heart to the divine flow of the Universe, ask for help, and listen for guidance. Each of us has the opportunity to live our dreams. Spiritual healing gives us the ability to awaken the soul and create a beautiful life.

Spiritual Healing brings us into alignment with our soul by communing with God. When you commit to walking with God, your life will be awakened. Focus on what you want and create it. Spiritual healing can help you identify what is not working in your life, and assist you in releasing it. This gives you the opening to release the unwanted energies, situations, and people that no longer resonate with the new you.

Separation is an illusion. We are in this together as: One God, One World, One People, One Love. This understanding helps us to realize that we are creating the world around us and are responsible for what we have created. Every thought, every word, and every action that comes from us, creates the world around us. It is our responsibility, not the next person or the next generation!!  It falls on us.

We only steal from ourselves. Every time you want to take something from someone, blame another, or waste someone’s time, you are only hurting yourself. Once we awaken to this realization, we are free. Awakened souls are here to create a beautiful world. We no longer find excitement in dodging our responsibilities. We realize that we are the only ones who can change our ways.

Awakening the soul is a natural process of waking up the parts of oneself that have lied dormant. It is as if you are waking from a deep sleep, emerging from the depth of your being, and are drawn to be a part of this shining light of creation. It is the soul that wants to know God and make this world a better place.

As we come together in our individual awakening process, we are doing a tremendous service to the planet. When we touch the depth of being, we realize that we are all a part of the same Creator, we come from the same place and we will all return to Source. We have our own separate journey and each path comes together to create a masterpiece.

Spiritual healing gives us this opportunity to become a master within ourselves. We can become a shinning light and awaken the soul. In so doing, we are awakening the planet and creating a beautiful world.

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