Do You Ride the Wave of Peace or Anguish?

We live in times of great uncertainty. It is of utmost importance to find a steady practice and loving support network to carry you through these challenging times. The personal choice of peace or anguish is ours to make. Which lifestyle do you choose to carry you through the constant flux and changing currents within and all around us? We need each other and we need to surround ourselves with a loving embrace of people, activities, and daily practice that sustains us through these coming changes.

The peace wave can be found by taking responsibility for our lives. It is easy to blame another person or situation when things do not go our way. We cannot change the other person, we can only change ourselves and how we deal with the situation. Allow peace to become your centerline. If you feel angry about something, feel it and allow it to move through your body. You may want to get up and shake or do something that will allow the energy to move through your body. Taking some deep breaths for three to five minutes will often be enough to let it go. Holding onto anger will only make it worse. As Pema Chodron, Buddist teacher, author, nun, and mother talks about in the Shenpa Syndrome, if you scratch and pick at a thought, it will bleed, just as if you were to scratch and pick at your skin. The more you scratch it, the worse it will get. Pema says, “Learning to recognize shenpa teaches us the meaning of not being attached to this world… being hooked by what we associate with comfort. All we’re trying to do is not to feel our uneasiness. But when we do this we never get to the root of practice. The root is experiencing the itch as well as the urge to scratch, and then not acting it out.”- See more at:

Another life practice is to watch your life as a movie and become the observer. Detachment allows you to have a pleasant journey through life. If you feel uncertain or uptight, focus on the love and peace that resides within you and bring your awareness to something that calms you down and returns you to inner stillness. Watch the drama and do not get caught in the web of it. Go for a walk and breathe in some fresh air or jump in the ocean and cleanse your body. Every moment spend in anguish is that precious time you are not at peace.

Everyone is responsible for their own actions. If someone does harm to you, it is their stuff. Do not take it on. Allow that person to be right where he/she is. It is your choice as to how you want to deal with the trigger it touched inside of you. Let us remember to keep it simple and not delve into what may or may not be going on for another.

Bring color into your daily practice. If you need to cool down, wear some soft blue tones. When you are in need of energy, orange or yellow are great colors. And when you need passion and/ or power, bring some red into your life. If you are in a sticky situation it may be appropriate to focus on purple and see this transformative color shift the energy as a purple wave of transformation. Additionally, I like to include an array of color in my diet to nourish all organs and bodily functions with the necessary nutrients we can receive from fresh organic food.

It is important to keep yourself and your loved ones protected. Keep protection around your home, family, car and workplace at all times. Visualize a protective color in your meditation, and fill the space, of all that is important to you, with this color. Do this practice on a daily basis and allow your shield of protection to build up around you. Keep yourself grounded and connected to Source so you are not so affected by the flux of the planet. Let each of us ride the wave of peace and create a beautiful world together.

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